Sunday, November 16, 2014

Connection Captain - Sophia Takahashi

Connection Captain - Sophia Takahashi

Sophia Takahashi
Connection Captain
Anthem, Part 11 & 12
Blog Post #6

I can connect Anthem to many novels and movies. Anthem is classified as a dystopian novel, as well as for other novels; The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Giver.

I can relate Anthem mostly to The Giver. The Giver is also based in a dystopian society, as the protagonist from each novel does not conform to the society. The protagonist, Jonas stands against the community, as he escapes the city with a baby. This is as similar as the protagonist from Anthem, Equality 7-2521, as he escapes with his precious invention and Liberty 5-3000. As both run away for a better life, they meet the unexpected; new life, as animals and plants.

As I can relate Anthem with The Giver, I can also relate it to The Hunger Games, as both include a dystopian/utopia, as both are against the leaders that rule the society. As I can relate The Hunger Games and Anthem, I can compare all dystopian/utopian novels with Anthem.


  1. Sophia,

    I found the connections you made to Anthem very intriguing. I cannot say much about the giver, due to the fact that I have never read or watched the movie or the book. However, based on what you said, I can easily see the connection you made between them and how it made sense, however which one did you think was most similar to one another, anthem to the giver or the other way around?

  2. Sophia,

    I really liked that you could emphasize that Anthem can be connected to all dystopian novels, well that is because they are all of the same genre, and basically have the same plot story. I can say that you are correct about the two connections you have made, since I have read and watched The Giver, and watched The Hunger Games. The only thing about your post that is bugging me, is that you could have gone into a little more detail of what exactly was it that you connected between the books/movies, other than the fact that they are all dystopian novels. Anyhow, great work! Keep it up!

  3. Sophia, I really liked how you named more than one novel similar to Anthem. I also agree with you that The Giver is most like Anthem. The main characters are somewhat similar also. To you, why does Divergent connect with Anthem? Out of all the novels you listed which one is your favourite, and why?

  4. Sophia,
    I liked your connections, as they were certainly very well fit to being tied together with Anthem. The best fit, though, of the two, is undoubtedly The Giver, as it shares many similar characteristics as well as plot (everyone is kept in the dark, they share the same mindset, etc.) The part I most liked about it was how you used popular examples, as they brought up several questions, like why teenagers seem to enjoy these kinds of books so much, or getting me to think about deeper, hidden connections between these books.

  5. Hey Sophia, I would like to talk about your connections. To begin with, I think there are many other books, movies, and plays like this. This is because of its story line. It is the same as any other Utopian/dystopian book. It starts off with a character, different from the others. The person then goes through a series of causes that makes him realize his/her community is bad. He/she then escapes purposely, or flees and finds out new thing his/her community has hidden. For example, Uglies, Hunger Games, The Giver and much more.