Sunday, November 2, 2014

Connection Captain- Nico Afonso

Anthem by Ayn Rand
Connection Captain
Chapter 7-8
Nicolas Afonso

While reading this section of the book, I was impressed with the similarity between todays standard dystopian plot and a 1938 book that served as a birth place to a new section of fictional books.  This section, with all the knowledge achieved by a person affects the protagonist in a way that caused him to question his society.  Because of this, he runs away from his society.  Because these plots are so very alike, I expect for the main character to start a new civilization with friends such as The Golden One, or Liberty.  This serves as my connection to mostly every single dystopian book I have read.

Another connection that I can make in this book is to another called The Hunger Games.  That is because the book serves as the same kind of plot to the usual dystopian genre.  You can see this because the main character questions the government.  She goes on a journey that leads her to start action on her questioning.  This causes her to flee and start a new culture.  The only difference in this book is that it required a violent action.

Another book similar to this is The Giver.  It was read during 7th grade, and the book has the same plot as the dystopian books.  This begins with someone conformed to the government.  The person stumbles upon a person that helps him realize why society is bad.  He then runs away with someone and starts a new city.

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  1. Nico,
    I enjoyed how you were able to compare the book to two different ones, and how you were able to find common features in between them. However, I believe, if I remember correctly, that in The Giver no new city is started. That would make some of your similarities invalid, so it'd be better to connect some other ideas together. For example, you could talk about how their inspiration to "rebel" usually comes from an outside force, such as The Giver for Jonas or the remains of the experiments in Anthem.