Monday, October 20, 2014

Historical Context Flor Uhart

Why was this book controversial?  Which themes or ideas were challenging to society?  

Anthem is a very controversial novel because it is about how Ayn Rand feels towards a one-party society.  I think Ayn Rand is telling us what could happen to us if we continue the way we are going. The collectivist system “is the idea that people should prioritize the good of society over the welfare of the individual.” It was a society of the same people, no one had their own identity and there were no differences between people. I think that the idea is that if they are all the same, they have more control over them. Everyone is the same but they are not equal at all. Things like friendship, love are forbidden and just by using the word “I” you get severely punished.  

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  1. Flor,
    I really like your image and how it expresses how citizens are in this society; equal, yet naive. While reading these chapters, I was wondering why, as you said, love and friendship are forbidden? I think that these two thing are forbidden from this society not to have accidents. Examples include unwanted pregnancy, depressive feelings after a brake-up and things in that line. Things things can cause problems to a community because if people are pregnant they will have to stop working to take care of a baby, and if they are depressed they might not work with so much excitement and not give so much effort. What do you think?
    Lucas T.