Monday, October 20, 2014

Historical Context - Daphne M

Daphne M
Rotation #2
Historical Context

Why was this book controversial? Which themes or ideas were challenging to society?

I think that in the book Anthem, Ayn Rand (the author) is sending a controversial message about the "I" or individuality theme. In the book, being unique or an individual is a bad thing. You could be killed or tortured only by saying the word I, so instead, they referred to themselves as "we". On the other hand, she is trying to show in the book that being yourself is good. Its good to be different, and sometimes you just need to step out of the box. Like Equality 7-2521. He is not like the others and he knows it. He even knows its bad to be different in his community. 


  1. Daphne,

    Interesting choice in answer. Something that you mentioned really interested me, that the author is trying to show how individuality is something that humans should step up to. However, that was a bit unclear to me because the whole book sums about a dystopian world which shows that being unique is a bad thing. Therefore, your idea confused me a little. Yet, I can see how you think this book brings the idea of individualism. As a coincidence, I answered the same question; although, my answer was completely different from yours. Consequently, some of my main ideas were that Ms. Ayn Rand was against the idea of being unique and having independence. On the contrary, Ayn Rand thought that men should sacrifice within each other because this shows how men can be one and work together. Additionally, she states how men should not be doing differently from what many others do because the world should be about working together (Ayn Rand Mike Wallace Interview 1959). Moreover, the book shows how men should be no diverse from what other men do and women shouldn't be diverse from what other women do.

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  2. Daphne, your post was good, but I think that you could do better in a few aspects, An example is the amount of content you put into it. I didn't think that you deepened enough on the subject mainly because you didn't put enough content on your blog, even though it wasn't bad, I think that next time you should invest on the number of words and describe more about your point.