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Question Commander Rotation #2-Lucas T.

Anthem, by Ayn Rand
Question Commander
Parts 3 & 4
Lucas Taragano

In what time does the book occur?

Reading on in the book Anthem, by Ayn Rand something that I have been wondering about the whole book was when does it occur? Until now, the author never explicitly mentions when the story takes place, but some clues in the text enable us to predict, or try to guess it. For example, I would probably say that it is in the future, since it is a dystopian novel. Dystopian novels tend to happen after some kind of big problem or apocalypse. On chapter 3, Equality 7-2521 says he has found a new power. He explains it has to do with metals, and I am pretty sure it is electricity. In the book/movie Maze Runner, people try to create a new Utopia which prevents the problem the sun created to the world. This connection makes me realize that maybe something happened with electricity that destroyed the whole world, so the society hid it from the people. It is clear to the reader that the only setting that the author somewhat describes is the white hallway, and she never seems to mention light, or electricity. Maybe Equality 7-2521 found electricity, but it is left uncertain for the reader what he will do with it. All things considered, this books seems to happen in a far away, post apocalyptic future, but the date can't really be defined yet.

What is the reason of people only using we, never I?

In the book anthem all characters speak in first person, but in plural. The reason for this way of speaking is still not clearly mentioned in the book, but inferences can be made towards this topic. To begin with, I think that the main reason for this would be to eliminate completely individuality, which can be a bad thing in some occasions. For example, wars have happened because people were different, because they didn't agree with something. This clearly expresses how the difference between people can be so bad for a community, a society, or even the whole world! If I was the leader of a society like this, it would be hard not to try to make simple adaptions such as this one to try to prevent violence, and preserve peace.

How might electricity change Equality 7-2521's future?

In chapter 3, Equality 7-2521 finds something that seems to be electricity. As I mentioned previously in my first paragraph, Equality 7-2521 has never seen this new "power of nature". I think that it electricity might be something that he wants to explore for a long period of time, and it might lead him to new adventures. To begin with, a possibility that could occur is that with electricity, Equality 7-2521 learns how to make light, and he might go explore a tunnel or a hole that he always wanted to visit but couldn't see clearly. Also, he might use it to call The Golden One's attention, since it is clear they are in love with each other. Pushing this further, together they might be able to try to get out of this place they live in and discover a new facet of the world. That is, if it hasn't been destroyed yet. Last but not least, Equality 7-2521 seemed very interested in electricity, but that can be a possible problem for him. He might be so intrigued that he goes into places to explore it in work time, and somebody finds out about him and tells the council about it. All in all, I predict that Equality 7-2521 will try to explore electricity as much as possible, yet it might get him into deep trouble.
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