Monday, October 13, 2014

Connection Captain - Isa F.

 I thought that the first parts of this book were quite interesting. Some connections and ideas came to me.

My first connection while reading Anthem, by Ayn Rand, is to a different character, from a different book. Gollum, from The Hobbit. While reading this book I noticed that Equality 7-2521 talks as if he were everyone, using words such as: us, our, we etc. So does Gollum. He is always talking as if he were a plural. This made me connect because I am a big fan of the hobbit and when I started to read, it came instantly to my mind. Also, I think that in the book Equality 7-2521 speaks like this because he was grown and raised in a way that made him believe that he is everyone, and everyone is him. Gollum on the other hand speaks this way because he believes that he has two souls. Maybe it is because he has been alone all these years, stuck in a cave, that he created a buddy to keep him company.

My second connection was about a book we read in 7th grade, called The Giver. This reminds me of the book Anthem because they are both placed in a society which has made every see themselves in a different way. In The Giver, there is a boy who is looking for the truth, while in Anthem there is a man who seises to believe that there is another part of the world that everyone isn't open to. Thinking ahead, I think that Equality 7-2521 is going to be in trouble, because he is learning things that are hidden from the rest, which is a conflict because he lives in a society which it is forbidden to know something you shouldn't.


  1. Isa,

    Your connections were impressive! As I read your post, I came across the way you decided to connect Anthem with the Hobbit. From what I understood of your connection, you stated the the Hobbit character, Gollum seemed to be like Equality 7-2521 because of the way they both talked. I do agree with you and just noticed that Gollum referred everything as plural; although I made an even more interesting connection. As already seen, Anthem is based on a possibly dystopian world with limits with everything, and I can connect this with the plot of the Hobbit. For me, the Hobbit is based on a dystopian world as well since some people utterly hate each other to the point of war. Therefore, Anthem has its dystopian looks because of the limits of society. Finally, I can connect them with each other because they are both set in dystopian worlds with issues that trap the community from interacting with one another.

  2. Isa,

    I loved both of your connections because they all made really good sense. Arriving at the end, I saw the connection you made with The Giver. I feel like I should comment on it because most of us from the grade have read, and understand the concept of The Giver. It is amazing that you picked up the way there are limitations for the knowledge of the people from the society, and that only a small group of people, who normally rule or have the greatest power, are the ones with the larger amount of knowledge. Keep up the good work!