Sunday, October 19, 2014

Anthem Connection Captain#2

           I'd first like to compare the idea of the book anthem with the idea of communism, first of all in communism it is to be influenced that every one is equal in every sort of way, in my opinion this is a beautiful idea, but when put to practice it can create big catastrophes. Examples such as russia, china, north korea, Cuba, and etc. prove that to be true. The place were the main character lives is a radical example of that in which everyone coexists with that idea, what makes me very curious is what will happen if or when the people stop coexisting with that "rule. it is said in the book that people are not aloud to individualize anything and that they aren't aloud to do what we would call human rights. Like the book itself says what they are living is the counter example of a utopia, in a utopia people are living in a perfect country, but they have that knowledge, But in the book they have little knowledge that they are being prisoned by their leaders, just like in The red Scarf Girl.

          Also I think that they could be compared to some countries that are now in some strict dictatorships, just like North Kore, or Saudi Arabia, even though Saudi Arabia is not a dictatorship it still has a lot of strict rules making it very close to a dictatorship. In these spots the main affected are the people even when they don't know about it. Just like in the book the people don't have knowledge of an elsewhere, being that they don't know any other ideas that their leaders haven't shown them, they only know what their leaders want them to know, In many countries now people can't complain because they don't have access to the outside world, they don't know what can get better, In north Korea the people have strict restrictions to sites they can and can't access, that is made so that the people don't know what is happening to them.

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  1. Omar,

    I loved how you could connect to a book that other students, such as myself, have already read. I think it was great how you really captured the idea o communism and equality. Funny to say that because the name of the protagonist itself is Equality 7-2521. Also, you talk about the limitations people have here in the real world, as well as the little dystopian world Rand has created based on this one we live in. Those limits avoid us from knowing what is really happening to us, to know what others know that we don't. Your post really helped me think further about the book. Keep up the good work!