Sunday, September 14, 2014

Risk Taking Researcher- Marina Dissinger

Anthem, Ayn Rand
Marina Dissinger
Risk Taking Researcher
Parts 7-8
Rand, as a teenager living in Soviet Russia, initially conceived Anthem as a play. After migrating to the United States, Rand didn't think of writing Anthem, but reconsidered after reading a short story in The Saturday Evening Post set in the future. (The story in question was probably "By the Waters of Babylon" by Stephen Vincent Benét, which was published as "The Place of the Gods" in the July 31, 1937 edition.) Seeing that mainstream magazines would publish a "fantastic" story, she decided to try submitting Anthem to them. She wrote the story in the summer of 1937, while taking a break from research she was doing for her next novel, The Fountainhead. After she was done, she attempted to publish it, but her manager convinced her to make a book out of it.

Did you know that Ayn Rand chose Leonard Peikoff to be her successor as the spokesman for Objectivism? This is because Peikoff expands on Ayn Rand's idea that the German philosophers Immanuel Kant and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel are to blame for both Nazism and Communism.

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  1. Marina, I like the information in your post. Many researchers chose to write about Ayn Rand's life, like when and where she was born, her childhood, etc. It's cool how you wrote about how she was inspired to write Anthem. However, I think the information at the bottom was a little off topic. First you told us about her writing the novel, and then about how she chose her successor? I didn't understand how that information fit at the end; you could have introduced us into the topic more, and developed that paragraph. I also wasn't sure how you chose the second image. Why did you choose an image of another one of her books?