Sunday, September 28, 2014

Line Illuminator Part 11 & 12

Line Illuminator
Part 11 & 12
Julianna Mello

 Line #1: This line was actually the title of part 11 but I choose it because I found it so powerful.

I am. I think. I will.

They way the author wrote this really made me think because this is almost if you were inside Equality 7-2521's head. The way he says it is as if it were some kind of routine, as if in his head it must happen. I think of it as a to do list  for his success in this "new land" he has just discovered. I like how this line is in away out of order, but is also natural. Thinking should always come first but in the line I am came first because it's natural. People always say think before you speak but in my opinion I am represents you are who you are, and if you're not capable of thinking before you speak then that's that.

Line #2: The sacred word: EGO

This was the last line of the book and it was amazing. It basically rounds up the whole book in your mind on why Ayn Rand wrote this. It's so interesting because in away the people were just trying to protect them from this thing called ego. In reality Equality didn't need protection from this because he was in such an isolated place. But if he wasn't people's ego would get in other people's way's as their self- esteems would be at different levels. After reading this entire book I honestly think that it has changed the way I think, and for now on when I am in a dark place I'll look at my wrist and pretend there's a band saying... What would Equality 7-2521 do?

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  1. Juli, I agree that the last line of the book was amazing. I have been wondering: "What could the Unspeakable Word" possibly be?" I was very eager to know what it is, and sometimes I even felt the urge to scroll down and just discover it without even finishing the book, in other words, just show myself a spoiler. When I finally got to the last sentence, it really struck me on the back of my head. Also, I felt like I would drop the book myself, just like when Equality 7-2521 or Prometheus did when he discovered the word "I", which is described in Part 12. I have just one question for you: How did the way you think change after reading this last sentence?

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