Sunday, September 28, 2014

Anthem Week 6 Parts 11 and 12 Question Commander

Post by Heitor

Question 1#
Is there more?

This first question is the only one that I don't actually have an answer to. This, remind me of the novel The Giver, because the end of the book is sudden and leaves some loose ends, which either means he the main character has died or that the Author wants to kill us with curiosity. This ending, even though not as sudden, left some loose ends. Equality 7-2521, now named Prometheus, told us that he was going to fight for the enslaved people he had left behind, but,  as far as I know, there isn't a sequel. However, this was intended. The book has too much meaning to be just a book, so truly the sequel is in our minds. We can imagine that Prometheus saves all of the enslaved, so the ending is within your grasp. So i ask you, what happens in you very own sequel to   Image 1# Link                                                                                Anthem?

Question 2#
How does Equality 7-2521 understand the word "I" so easily?

Well personally for me I believe the reason why Prometheus understands the word so easily is because it is the meaning of his whole life. All his life he has been called cursed, but truly he is the saviour. He can break the chains of the enslaved. The student become the mentor. He was the underdog and now he saves us all. Also, Prometheus has shown interest on what is forbidden. Then he finds out the Forbidden knowledge is Ego.

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  1. Heitor, I like your questions because they are very open, especially the first one because there is no right or wrong answer, although at the same time I feel the questions themselves could have been more specific. Also, there is one question missing (you had to think of 3 questions.) I also really like the question you included at the end of the first paragraph (was that meant to be the third question?) in which you asked us what our sequel to Anthem is. Lastly, I really enjoyed your answer to the second question, even though it was a little off topic.