Monday, September 15, 2014

Anthem Part 7-8

Andrew Fischer
Question Commander

Question 1:
     Is Collective 0-0009 related to Equality 7-2521?

     I think they are sort of related because they both have great power. Equality 7-2521 has power through their invention, electricity and Collective 0-0009 has power, because he is the oldest and the wisest of the World Council of Scholars. Yet, Collective 0-0009 said to Equality 7-2521, "A Street Sweeper! A Street Sweeper walking in upon the World Council of Scholars! It is not to be believed! It is against all the rules and all the laws!", because Equality 7-2521 said he is a Street Sweeper. Yet this shows that they really aren't the same, because Collective 0-0009, was distraught with Equality 7-2521, because he is  Street Sweeper and he came to the World Council of Scholars.

Question 2:
     Why does Collective 0-0009 not like Equality 7-2521, because he is a Street Sweeper?

     This is probably because, Collective 0-0009 is ranked high in authority and is upper class, so he doesn't tend to like very lower class people. Also, another way Collective 0-0009 doesn't like Equality 7-2521, is that Collective 0-0009 gave Equality 7-2521 the Place of Corrective Detention, which is where you go to be punished for doing the wrong. 

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  1. Andrew,
    This makes me think because I don't necessarily agree with what you say. I don't think that out of all the characters Equality 7-2521 has power. It may give us the elution as he is the main character of the story. But in reality the way people look at him is the way we would look at the local trash men. But overall your post really did boost my thinking!