Sunday, September 14, 2014

Anthem Part 7-8 Risk Taking Researcher

At first, I thought that Anthems world was based of on communism, but after reading part 7 and doing some research I have strong evidence to prove my original theory wrong. First, people have different social classes, for example, the Scholars are of high class and a street sweeper is thus low class. In communism, everyone is supposed to be completely equal so social classes are against communism. But, you may ask yourself, in the past communism had been unfair and doesn't always follow the same base. The leader are a high class and the rest is the same class. However, some scholars are more important and even higher of class than others. Let us also not forget that even the teachers isolated and bullied Equality 7-2521, isolating him, which is also against communism.
Image 1#

The second thing I chose to research was the idea to ban love from Anthem. At first I thought they banned love to prevent males from going to the female's side and jobs and to keep the men's focus to themselves. But now I see that the reason they banned love is to not create and intimacy. People that are very intimate or in love to each other tend to care more for each other more than they care about anything else. So if they remove that factor, the community is easier to manage.

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Image 2#

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