Monday, September 1, 2014

Anthem, by Ayn Rand [Question Commander]

Anthem, by Ayn Rand [Question Commander] [Week 2]
by: Mathaus Silva

1. Do you think this story is happening in the past/present/future?
Since we are in the beginning of the book, we do not know a whole lot about this book. This book reminds of two other books that are also about Utopias which read a few years ago: City of Ember and Uglies. City of Amber happened in the future. They ran out of resources and they forgot that there’s something out there. So they are trapped inside barely without electricity. Uglies also happens in the future, but they are exposed to the nature, and their goal is to make everybody an pretty.

2. Since the author capitalized the moment when Equality 7-2521 created electricity, do you believe that this will be a big factor on the remaining of the book?
Yes, indeed. Creating electricity is a huge step in growing as a community. They can now not depend about sunlight anymore, they can control their light source the way they want and etc. I believe that in the future, there will be a problem that something will block the sunlight, and there won’t be light anymore, and Equality 7-2521 will come and show them how to create electricity, although it’s not aloud to do these things. 

3. Is the council hiding something from the community?
I think so. Just like in the City of Ember, the government was hiding the treasure for the people, also known as, the instructions to get out of there and find the world out there. Although they are completely different stories, I believe that the story will take route the same way as it did in the City of Ember. One day they will find out, and Equality 7-2521, with his will to find stuff, will find a way out.


  1. I really liked your post and your questions. You where really creative and innovative. I liked how you explained your questions and didn't just put the question down. I decided to answer question 3: I think that they are indeed hiding something that why they didn't show the community the scientific discoveries.

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  3. Do you think this story is happening in the past/present/future?

    I think this book is set in the future becuase of the unmentionable times. As we can infer the unmentionable times had technology and it was proven harmful to the world so it was destroyed. I know that humans would have to advance in technology to know it is bad then they would go back. As seen in the history of humanity it took us a long time to advance to where we are now. Meaning that they would have to be in the future to have time to advance realize the technology was harmful then destroy it and go back.

  4. Mathaus,
    I think you came up with some very interesting questions. I decided to give an answer to question number 2. I think that the electricity will be a big factor in the remainder of the book. However, I do not think that it will be an important factor in terms of bettering the community. I think that the electricity will be an important factor in raising the self esteem of Equality 7-2521 and helping him break away from the community to become a true individual. I think that the community will take the electricity that he made and use it but they will not give Equality 7-2521 credit or special status because of it. Then, I think that he will feel under appreciated and grow to resent the community for not making him feel special. When he feels this I think that he will leave the community and learn to be self sufficient. Do you agree?

  5. Mathaus,
    I think you thought of some good questions that can help others understand the book better. I think that the story takes place either in the past or the future. I agree with your connections to City of Ember and The Uglies. I could also connect with the Hunger Games because maybe before the Unmentionable Times, they had better technology, and now Equality 7-2521 is discovering it. If that's not it, then I think it's in the past. Do you think that could be possible?

  6. Mathaus,
    I really liked the that you came up with, and I would really like to try to answer the third question which is, “Is the council hiding something from the community?” I also believe that the council is hiding something from the council. I believe that they are trying to hide the past, however I don’t know why. I think that in the end of the book everyone will learn about the past.

  7. I have decided to answer question #1. I feel that Anthem is taken in some unspecified future time and place in which freedom and individual rights have been obliterated. I think this book in the time line would happen after the collapse of the social order because of the common acceptance of collectivist values. As following I would also like to answer number 3. I don't think the Council is hiding something from the community, however they are to blind to open their eyes and try other things such as individualism, I do believe that Equality 7-2521 will discover something from the past (probably a book), and will discover things. Such as using the "I" and individualism or technology. My prediction is to when they discover and have proof about new things, they will show the Council who will demand them to stop. Since, they have a characteristics of curious they will run away with the Golden Ones to continue their research. (Similar to Uglies where David parents ran away because they found out the truth of the surgery.)How would you predict the rest of the book? As you could see, question 3 blended with question 2. So lets me expand on the question 2 concept. I believe that electricity will be a big factor but not for the community however for Equality 7-2521. It will help then break away from the community to become a true individual. He will learn to live on his own and be his own person. Do you think Equality 7-2521 will become an individual?

  8. 1. Do you think this story is happening in the past/present/future?
    I think that this story is set in the future. Based on how technology is going backwards. It obviously states in the begining of the book that the society uses candles yet, he has found lightbulbs.Which is an obvious sign that at some point, modern technology has existed. Not to mention the clues about the railway station in the book!

    2. Since the author capitalized the moment when Equality 7-2521 created electricity, do you believe that this will be a big factor on the remaining of the book?
    First of all,Equality 7-2521 did not create electricity. he just used tools from the unmentionable times to further his understanding of the way light and electricity works. In a way, I do think this will play a big part of the book, based on his current plans to show off his new "invention" to others will most likely put him in a huge conflict, based on what I am seeing with the reactions when he discovered the tunnel.

    3. Is the council hiding something from the community?
    In my opinion,no. I think that the council may be hiding minor things, but, I think that the council is just as clueless and oblivious as the majority of the population. But the only difference is that they wanted to be be clueless. But the population was just naturally clueless!

    Thank You for Furthering my Understanding

  9. Mathaus,
    First of all those questions were great you chose questions that would match your ideas. I like how you started narrow adding more and more on to it as you went along. Although you must remember that your readers aren't in your head therefor maybe some images would of been nice. I like how you seemed to think it through before writing it out or else you would be all over the place.
    Thank you for boosting my thinking,

  10. Hi Mathaus. First of all, i think that you had some very interesting questions that I would also like to know and this brought me to think more deeply about the book. Like you said, I also agree that the story takes place in the future because of the things Equality 7-2521 discover. If the story took place in the past, there would be no rail roads or any other equipments to discover electricity. Also, I personally think that the author mentioned Equality discovering electricity because it would be an important role later on. I predicted that Equality 7-2521 will make the rail road work again and escape with Liberty 5-3000. Finally, I also think that the Councils are hiding a huge secret to the people and that is the reason they blocked people from everything: communication, technology, etc.

  11. Mathaus,
    First, I think your post is very clear and easy to read. I agree that him discovering electricity will be important to the rest of the book because it was a breakthrough these days, and I am sure it would be in his community too. You said that Equality 7- 2521 would help his community by telling them about electricity, although I think that someone is going to find out about it our betray him. Your post is very neat, and it cuts right to the point of the questions. I like that in posts. One thing you should add is visuals, like images, videos or even something more creative. I is a little too plain. Also, you could change your formatting, so that it gets more interesting to read. Great post!

  12. Mathaus,
    I think your post is very interesting and the questions are great. Your responses are interesting and I agree with them because thats exactly what I think. I think they should develop electricity too. I think the council is hiding many things because we don't know anything about them. The only thing you need to do is put in some pictures so we can see what you are feeling

  13. Lucas,
    Your comment almost explained exactly what I wanted to say. The whole idea of electricity is so strong and important to this part of the book. Mathaus, you did a really good job on saying people should develop those ideas a little more. In part 5 and 6 either we're gonna get more information or it's going to quickly blow over. It might seem very important now but could be very minor in the overall story.

  14. Mathaus,
    Your post is very well organized and I love the ideas that were incorporated into this blogpost. I would like answer question number one: Do you think this story is happening in the past/present/future?
    I agree with you completely agree with you. We are still in the very beginning of the novel and it is very hard to tell what time period this book takes place in. Yet, there are some clues that do indicate that the book takes place in the future. For example, when they refer to the times that they are not allowed to speak of, I believe that means the times we are living in, since they lifestyle was so different. Also, if there is a forbidden word, that means that there were times before when they used that word, but not it is forbidden since it gives out clues of the past. When you take into consideration these facts in the book, it is clear to see that the book probably happens in the future.
    Wonderful post, thanks for simulating my thinking!