Sunday, August 24, 2014

Word Whisperer Week 1 (Hyejune Lee)

Anthem by Ayn Rand, Part 1&2

"The walls are cracked and water runs upon them in thin threads without sound, black and glistening as blood."(pg. 1) This simile means that it is so dark inside the tunnel that water, which is transparent, looks dark.  This affects the reader because this somehow creates a frightening atmosphere in the scene, which helps the readers to concentrate.  The tunnel was not discovered by the government, therefore it signifies that the government does not know everything, although it claims that the Council of Scholars does.


" of our hand were thirsty and begging of the metal some secret fluid beating in its coldness."(pg. 7) This personification means Equality 7-2521 couldn't take his hands off the iron line, which he presumes that it was left from the Unmentionable Times.  This affects the readers because this creates tension, and make you curious what the protagonist will do.  This signifies that without being conscious, Equality 7-2521 wonders about the Unmentionable Times and hopes to discover mysteries from that period. 

"And of all the faces on that square, ... theirs was the calmest and happiest face."(pg. 13) This is an imagery that describes the scene when the Transgressor was burned alive for saying the Unspeakable Word.  This affects the readers because it makes you curious why the Transgressor wasn't terrified although he was burned alive, which is rare in this society.  I think this signifies that the Unspeakable Word is positive or encouraging rather than negative.

"What- even if we have to burn for it like the Saint of Pyre- what is the Unspeakable Word? (pg.14) This is a foreshadow that Equality 7-2521 will try to find out the Unspeakable Word.  This affects the story because this will probably make him face many difficulties and adventures.  This signifies that Equality 7-2521 is eager to find out the word, even by risking his life, because he said: "even if we have to burn for it". (Source)


  1. I think you explained the rhetorical devices well, so that we can better understand them. I agree with most of your ideas, and you also made me think of things I hadn't thought of before. For instance, I hadn't thought much about the man who was smiling when he was being burned. Now I am also more curious to know why. I also had not pondered much on the Unspeakable Word. I wanted to know what it was, but now I wonder if the story will revolve around this topic, and if the word will be revealed.

  2. Hyejune,
    I think you chose good passages, as they are descriptive and short. You explained all of them well, although in the second golden line, I would add that there is a metaphor in the part where the metal tracks are described. Great drawings by the way!

  3. Hyejune, what you wrote really pushed my thinking because fr every quote that you mentioned, you pulled out all of it's meanings and important informations out. By this I mean that you clearly and insightfully talked about how this quote eloped to move on this story. I liked how you described what each of the quotes were (ex. personification, simile, etc...) because that also helped the reader follow along your thinking. Great post, and great choosing of quotes and images.

  4. Hyejune,
    I loved the quotes that you chose to explain, they are very detailed, but a bit confusing when I read it in the book, but know that you've explained what it really means, I feel like I understand the story better know. I also liked how you added what type of sentence each quote was, because I usually confuse them up, but its clear for me know. I just wish that you could have pushed your thinking just a little bit more on your fourth quote.