Sunday, August 24, 2014

Line Illuminator - Job # 1

By: Ayn Rand

Line Illuminator
By:Isabel Kuiper
Week one

"So we fought against the curse. We tried to forget our lessons, but we always remembered. We tried to understand what the teachers taught, but we always understood it before the teachers had spoken. We looked upon union 5-3992, who were a pale boy with only half a brain, and we tried to say and do as they did, that we might be like them, like union 5-3992, but somehow the teachers new that we were not. And we were lashed more often than all the other children." (Part One)

This quote showed me that the society doesn't value individuals and knowledge. People who are smart, such has Equality 7-2521 they get punished and treated differently. Compared to our society we are the complete opposite, since we value smart people, we look up to them, and they are our role models. In the book there isn't one person, there is everyone being the same. They are all treated the same, causing to make the Equality's have the same thoughts, feelings/emotions, and do the same thing every day. Meaning no one is unique or does something extraordinary, created them to be themselves. Moving on, you can see that this city is very strict about being the same. An example is if you want to write (or want something), you have to ask permission to the Council of Vocation. Everyone has their jobs that were given by the Council of Vocation. They are the leaders, they decided everything what happens and what you do in the community. But, Equality 7-2521 doesn't want to be like everyone else, they brake the laws. However, people think Equality 7-2521 does this because they are 6 feet tall, meaning the sign of evil, causing them with forbidden thoughts.

"Dare not choose in your minds the work you would like to do when you leave the Home of Students. You shall do that which the Council of Vocations shall prescribe for you." (Part One)

This quote refers back to what I was talking before. People aren't allowed to make up their own minds. Not allowed to make or think about things they want to do. Not even allowed to have a family or fall in love. People can't say I, but we. People aren't existing for themselves. In fact this shows that these citizens live off from other citizens that are superior. Never being taught to live on their own. Furthermore, in the book, the narrator tells us the phrase everyone says in their sleeping bags. "We are nothing. Mankind is all. By the grace of our brothers are we allowed our lives. We exist through, by and for our brothers who are the State. Amen."  They are forced to say this, and it describe exactly that they live for someone else.
For example in the book: The Giver, they have the same idea - the council’s picks/assigns people's job. In Divergent the council gives a test to help them choose, but they are allowed to pick what faction their hearts picks. I agree with Divergent. By letting people pick their faction make them be who they are. The community should let people find their passions, themselves and let them be unique. I think it's the human nature to be different and in this world difference is a sin.


  1. Isabel, I really liked how many examples you give from our society. Such as how in our society we look up to smart people who think and believe different things, and bring new thoughts to our minds that we never thought possible before. Not to mention, that I totally agree with you about the fact that in order to progress as a society you need to accept differences and accept them into your society.

  2. Isabel,
    I really enjoyed reading your post. Both of your quotes were explained with great detail. I am not sure that I agreed with your connection to The Giver though. In The Giver when you are assigned jobs it is the one time in your life that you get to feel truly unique and special. In The Giver when they assign jobs it is the first time that the society recognizes that you are an individual and you have strengths and weaknesses that are different than other people's. In Anthem when you are given a job the job is given to you to make you like everybody else who does that job, not t make you special and recognize your talents. Overall though I think your post was awesome.

  3. I agree with Katie. When the Giver assigned jobs people felt recognized and special. But first of all would you rather pick your own job or someone pick for you? I would like to pick my own, to follow my passion and have the opportunity to pick. Following, you have a point about Anthem giving jobs to make you like everybody else. But think about this point of view: When they pick a job for you, they are looking at your particularly. If you get the job of Leader you are a great honor. And if you get Street Sweeper it isn't such an honor. Every job if you think about it, has a higher class value. Moving on when I made the connection about the Giver I wasn't think about why they gave it - or how they feel. I just made a general connection saying that: Anthem gives jobs, it all happens on a specific day - and on a certain age. In Giver they also give jobs on a certain day, and on a certain age. I was connecting to the basic. However, when you pointed out about the individualism, where my whole post is about you did make a point. I just had to have been clearer or not even used this point. I hope that you also understand my point of view. And talking about connections, did you make a connection with another book you read while reading Anthem.