Sunday, August 31, 2014

Week 2- Anthem

Part 3&4- Question Commander (Hyejune Lee)
1. Why do you think people in this community don't know the knowledge of science that were already revealed, such as electricity and gravity?
     I think the government has concealed the knowledges that were already revealed, so that only they would know it.  In other words, they are concealing all knowledge to brainwash the citizens to make them believe that the government knows everything, therefore look up to them and/or fear them.  For example, one of my cousins, who is in kindergarten, switched a paper bill of a big value with a small value with his big brother.  So, to explain it in Brazilian currency, he switched R$ 100 with R$ 50, because his brother brainwashed him saying that R$ 50 has a bigger value.  Likewise, it is easier to brainwash a person if he/she does not have a lot of knowledge, so I think the government is using this fact to brainwash the citizens.


2. Why do you think Ayn Rand made Liberty 5-3000 into a transgressor as well?
     In part 4, the author wrote a conversation between Liberty 5-3000 and Equality 7-2521 talking about how they call each other in their minds.  Although this is a transgression, both of them gave each other a new name.  By doing this, the author somewhat described how the two of them have a similarity that they are different to the other people in the community.  Often, when the protagonist of a movie or novel is different to others and is planning to make a change, his/her lover is different, too, and supports the protagonist.  I think the author wrote this conversation to give a hint to the readers that Liberty 5-3000 and Equality 7-2521 will make a change together.

3. Do you think Equality 7-2521's discovery will affect the story?
     By his discovery, it was told to the readers that Equality 7-2521 is now able to discover new facts of science and he is curious.  Also, in the last paragraph, he states that "no single one can possess greater wisdom than the many Scholars who are elected by all men for their wisdom.  Yet we can.  We do."  This describes his curiosity and will to discover more that are hidden.  I think he will reveal the facts inside the tunnel that the government is concealing and clearly separate himself from the other people in the community by earning more wisdom than the Scholars.



  1. I really like your post and your question. I thought it was really good after you showed the question you answered yourself and explained why. I decided to answer the question number 3: I think that will make a huge difference in the story. Because people will realize the power and the meaning of what Equality found out and then change everything.

  2. Hyejune- The line you chose or the question was extremely powerful, as depending on how you think and how you read it could change the way you read the book completely. You basically made a really good study post, you did a really good job answering your own ideas. I really love the format you chose to write it out in.
    Thank you for boosting my thinking!

  3. Hyejune,
    I think that you came up with some really great questions. The question that I chose to answer is question number 1. In my opinion, the reason that people in this community don't know about scientific things that we consider well known is that they lost all that knowledge in the destruction of the unmentionable times.

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  5. Why do you think people in this community don't know the knowledge of science that were already revealed, such as electricity and gravity?

    I believe that the people do not have the technology we have becuase the council destroyed it. During the unmentionable times certain types of technology were proven bad and intern they were destroyed and deemed evil leaving what they have known. However this could be wrong because the government as you said could easily be hiding the technology for the reasons you gave. In addition it is possible that the book could be set in the past and they simply have not yet developed that technology.


  6. Hello Hyejune! First of all, I really found your questions interesting. I also wondered the questions you were wondering and I totally agree with all of the things you said. I predicted that the knowledge of science was concealed in the book because the Councils are trying to hide something which shouldn't be discovered. Like you said, they brainwashed the citizens and I found your example interesting. Moving on, I think that the author made Liberty 5-3000 into a transgressor because she will be an important role later on and will help Equality 7-2521. Finally, I personally think that Equality 7-2521's discovery will affect the story. It is my personal prediction but I think that Equality 7-2521 and Liberty 5-3000 will escape the community by creating something by using his knowledge.

  7. Hyejune,

    I found all of your questions to be very interesting! I struggled to chose which question I want to talk about, but I guess in the end I had to chose one. My choice was question #1. I have two theories. One of them is that I believe that this story happens in the future, but they ran out of resources and eventually forgot how to make them. The other one is that they are in the past and they haven't invented those stuff yet.

    Mathaus Silva