Sunday, August 31, 2014

Question Commander Parts 3-4

Anthem, by Ayn Rand

1. Why do you think that the ones who are smarter than the others are treated differently and does jobs which are low ranking?
I think that there is a big secret which the Councils are hiding and should not be released. Since the Councils doesn't want anyone to discover the secret or know about it, I think that they didn't want anyone who can think beyond to exist in the community. According to this, they made Equality 7-2521 sweep the floor as their job hoping that he won't try to think beyond. I personally think that the Councils didn't want Equality 7-2521 to go outside in the community and communicate with others for he might discover something.  

2. Do you think Liberty 5-3000 will be a important role in the story?
In the book, Liberty 5-3000 appears to be a transgressor like Equality 7-2521. This led me to think that Liberty 5-3000 will help Equality discover something new or maybe follow him through the journey because she has similar thoughts as Equality. I think that they will try to discover something new and bring a change to the community but has to fight silently with the Councils or they will both die. 

3. Why aren't the people allowed to express one's feelings or opinion?
While reading the book till now, I wondered why the people weren't allowed to express their feelings in the book and I think that this is because of equality. I personally think that the community does not want anyone to show their feelings or opinion and convince others. There is no such thing called opinion in the community and the answer is always there. They must all have the same thoughts and be equal without anyone being better than another. 


  1. This post is very interesting, because your post tells us about how the concils are keeping a secret. I think that they know about electricity but it is too dangerous, I think they assign different jobs because they know how the people act to different things. People are forced to think of false statements and the government knows it all. Its kind of like the giver, only one or two people know the past. Very good post

  2. Hi Ryoung, good job with your post and I think you did well as a Question Commander. These are my responses:
    1. Actually, I don't think the jobs are treated differently, because whatever job they get, everyone is delighted. For example, Equality 7-2521 was hoping to become a Scholar, but as soon as he became a Street Sweeper, he accepted it and was delighted anyways. However, I think your thought about why the Councils sent him to the Home of Street Sweepers was interesting.
    2. Since I had a similar question to this on my post, I will write what I wrote there. I think Liberty 5-3000 will play an important role because she is now a transgressor as well as Equality 7-2521, which means they can understand each other. Therefore, I think she will help Equality 7-2521 discover and reveal new things.
    3. I also think the reason that people are not permitted to express their own feelings is to be equal to everybody else. However, one question I have is: what do you mean by there is no such thing as an opinion in this community? Because I have seen not only Equality 7-2521, but even International 4-8818 have an opinion through the parts we read.

    1. Hi Hyejune. First of all, I disagree with you that jobs are not treated differently. It is true that everyone is delighted with their jobs. Whether it is sweeping the floors or being a leader. However, like you mentioned in your post, I think that the Councils brainwashed the citizens to think that all jobs are to be delighted and no job is ranked in number. However, there must be rankings which the citizens do not know. For example, the job as being a leader is admired by the citizens which was shortly mentioned in the book. Overall, I think that we had similar opinions and was a good chance to know each other's thoughts about the same question.