Sunday, August 31, 2014

Question Commander (#2)

Since the beginning of the book Anthem, by Ayn Rand's the reader can notice how the people in the society do not have a word on who they talk to or what they do, why is that?

In my point of view, I believe that the society chooses to control the people because the country wants everyone to be equal, but what I do not understand is how jobs such as street sweepers can be compared to jobs like scholars. The only justice I see is the fact in which no one gets to choose their job, but just the fact in which one person can learn and "explore" the objects there are in its work place, the other gets to sweep the dirty streets of the city. Does anything seem fair? 

Do you think the characters in Anthem are too delusional to be believable?

Thinking critically about this, I came to a conclusion that everything is so "perfect" that even the characters seem unreal compared to this tragic world we currently live in. In fact, the only reason most of us relate this book to Uglies and The Giver is because of the made up scenarios of utopian societies. Most of the time, I completely forget that the story takes place in the same time period as the Russian Revolution. If Mrs. Hancock hadn't have told the class this information, I would believe this was another unrealistic story. 

Why is love not allowed? Do you agree with this? 

I am not exactly sure why love is not allowed in a peaceful place like the one shown in the book, but I do now that the intension, is for the government to have the power of controlling the rest of the citizens. If you ask me, I certainly do not agree with this lack of freedom. In many cases, love is the reason men and woman wake up with a smile on their face. In many cases love is the reason of pure happiness. In many cases love allows us to love. Such thing should not be taken away from those who deserve it, which is all humanity.  

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