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Line Iluminator Role #1 Jonathan Part 3-4

Line Iluminator Role #1 Jonathan Part 3-4

Quote #1
“These things help us in our work. We do not understand them, but we think that the men of the Unmentionable Times had known our power of the sky, and these things had some relation to it. We do not know, but we shall learn”

I chose this as my first quote because it expresses the curiosity of Equality 7-2521 to the past, and his desires for knowledge. The object that he is talking about in this particular quote is a light bulb from the unmentionable times. He has never known anything that gives off light but candles, and the sky. So the natural solution to his curiosity is that the power of light from the sky has been transferred to a glass bulb of some kind. And still, in this one paragraph we can tell that he just not just want to use and expose of his tools, but is intrigued by the way that things work and how they work. I can relate this to old stories I have read about Albert Einstein's childhood, and how he was such a curious child, that his professors expelled him for asking way too many questions.  Equality 7-2521 and Albert Einstein are people who are curious about everything around them and just need to know more about them in order to be satisfied.

Quote #2
“We raised our head and stepped back. For we did not understand what had made us do this, and we were afraid to understand it.”

This is the quote in the book where I realized that in this society, people are afraid of the unknown. Those 6 words are when I knew that Equality 7-2521's plan was going to go so,so,so,so terribly wrong. That is when I realized why his companion hesitated when Equality 7-2521 found this new discovery. I feel that this sentence is one of the most important in the whole entire book, and this is where Equality 7-2521 realizes that he does things without reason! I can relate this to so many dystopian novels I can't list! Such as The Giver, and Uglies. In all of these book they question the way of life within their society.

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  1. Jonathan, in the first quote, I like how you related it to old stories you have read. But one thing you should do is add what you think this quote means. This is because you should say what you think and relate that to the book to see if what you thought the quote meant is also what the book thought the quote meant.

  2. I like how you connected Equality 7-2521 with Albert Einstein. I don't know much about him, but I can see why you had that connection. The only difference is that at school, kids are supposed to ask questions to help them learn. In Anthem, they aren't supposed to learn about the unknown. Which brings me to my second point: I also hadn't thought about how important the second quote was. I agree that it shows that these people are afraid of the unknown. I also think that Equality 7-2521 found a source of light, but when I read it it seemed to me like it was a fuse instead of a light bulb. I didn't really understand why you chose those two images?

  3. Jonathan,
    Great connections. I understand what you write and I wanted to ask: Do you think that the main character and the Golden One will find a group of rebels or people that don't want to live the way they are forced to?
    Personally I think they will. I might even think that they will join the rebellion and help take down the dictator. For me this theory makes sense because as we know, the narrator is rebellious, cursed and feels separated from the others. Also, some action in the book would be really cool.