Sunday, August 31, 2014

Line Illuminator Parts 3-4 of Anthem

"We found wires that led to strange little globes of glass on the walls; they contained threads of metal thinner than a spider's web." -- Part 3, paragraph 4

This part made me think that the little globes of glass on the wall would be fuses, and I started to think more about the Unmentionable Times. What if the same thing that happened in The Hunger Games happened in Anthem? In The Hunger Games, there is an uprising and District 13 is destroyed. The Hunger Games are created so people remember that the government always wins. Maybe in Anthem, before the Unmentionable times, people had more freedom, and also had better technology (which got destroyed.) Since Equality 7-2521 didn't know the name for the fuse, I think they were used before the Unmentionable Times, and got lost along with other technologies. 


"It is cooler in the fields," they said, "and there is water to drink. Are you thirsty?"
"Yes," we answered, "but we cannot cross the hedge."
"We shall bring the water to you," they said. -- Part 4, paragraph (2?)

This book reminds me again of Divergent because the Amity faction works in fields, and factions aren't supposed to go to the other factions or mix with each other. Tris is in Dauntless, but her mom who is in Abnegation comes to talk to her near the fields. A Dauntless man catches them, but her mom is gone before he can do anything. Tris also visits her brother Caleb in Erudite. It is not prohibited, but I could tell that the factions aren't supposed to mix. In Anthem, the rules are more strict. Equality 7-2521 can't even cross the fence of the field, so Liberty 5-3000 has to bring him the water.

As you can see in this image, everyone sits in their own faction, and there is even a quote that states: "Faction before blood."


  1. Great post Alicia, when reading your second quote I wondered why the males are separated from the females. What is the reason for this? Thiis could only result in more problems. If this is a perfect society why would this contribute to the community. The best thing would be for men and women work together.

  2. Alicia,
    I'm so glad I a I'm not the only one who compares Anthem to Hunger Games as I feel like everybody else is mostly talking about The GIver and Uglies. The way you intertwined government and community was very interesting from the readers point of view. The images you chose expechaly the second one fit perfectly I like the way you just made them straight forward to your paragraphs.
    Thank you for boosting my thinking,

    1. Juli, I agree with you and other people who commented: most people were making connections to The Giver and The Uglies instead of the Hunger Games, but I don't think we could connect to it until now. I am glad you liked the images. I wanted to put a gif (animated image) of the part in Divergent where Tris is in the fields where the Amity stay to show what it looks like, but I couldn't find one. Just a curiosity: what did you think Equality 7-2521 had found when he described (what I think) is a fuse?

  3. Alicia, I liked your comparisons from book to book, and I thought it helped the reader get along with the story better. Your way of comparing Anthem and Hunger Games, then Anthem and Divergent, gave a different taste to your audience about the book. I also liked how you talked about the technology and how it could have changes drastically from before the Unmentionable Times to now. You really managed to illuminate your audience through these parts of the book. Great job!

  4. Gret post alicia,
    I had never thought of connecting the Hunger games and It is very interesting, Many people,(such as me) did it about the giver, and the uglies, but your thinking is very interesting. I also like that you connected it to Divergent and this post was overall very good