Sunday, August 24, 2014

Job # 5 – Illustrious Artist –  Week 1 - Giulia Di Bella

          I drew this image focussing mainly on the major physical features of Liberty 5-3000, also, known as The Golden One, personally named by our narrator, Equality 7-2521.  I chose to draw about this character because until now, she has been the only female mentioned in this story. (17 years old.) She only appears once in Part Two, and only has one verbal conversation with Equality 7-2521. 
          The first thing you should hopefully notice when you look at this image, are the pair of turquoise-colored eyes this girl possesses. I wanted to point that out because the first thing that Equality says to Liberty, is "You are beautiful.", and I wanted to demonstrate that by looking straight into her eyes. Normally, when you see something pretty about a persons face, you refer to their eyes. That's what I tried to focus on her facial appearance. 
          Another detain is that, since all women are equal, and none (predicting) wear makeup or lip-stick, I wanted to make her lips very simple and non extravagant. Her hair short, so that it does't call much attention, and her nose, I guess, average. 


  1. Giulia,
    Nice imagery! I never thought too deeply about the physical appearance of characters due to my connections to communism and other seemingly deeper meanings in the book. I see now that I should have paid more attention. This imagery connects me to the characters in the book better and deepens my understanding. But I must ask. Do you think everyone is supposed to look the same like in Uglies? Or they just have a flaw on the worlds communist acts and everyone looks different? For example, one of their ways to make everyone the same is by removing names and simply adding simple names followed by a series of numbers. I personally think that if I was a dictator I would make the following concept. You get the currency (known as points) by being effective in your area of work and if you are a kid, participate in class. The points can then give you benefits like sports cars and video games. However in communism people should be all the same.
    Hope you enjoyed,

  2. Giulia,
    I was wondering how you said "verbal conversation with Equality 7-2521." This really made me think because she is mostly verbal through her brain not her mouth as she doesn't say much. I like the quote you chose "You are beautiful.", because she doesn't like to see through eyes but through heart.
    Your post really pushed my thinking!

  3. I like your imagery a lot, however there is one thing I believe you missed. She is referred to as the golden one, and I think that is referring to blond hair. My reasoning for this is hair is often very noticeable especially blond hair. In addition to that blond hair is often referred to as gold hair making it an easy connection to make to Golden One. Beside that I think you image showcases the Golden One perfectly from what we know now.

  4. Hi Giulia. To begin with, I noticed many things that I didn't mention in the book just by looking at your drawing. It gave me a more clear appearance of the character Liberty- 5000. I was actually wondering how other people imagined this character and how they would actually look. However, your description of Liberty- 5000 made it more clear for me. Also, another thing that helped me understand about this character was when you mentioned the women with a very simple look. No make up or lipstick which I did not think about. You also helped me notice that Liberty-5000 would not be trying to draw any attention. Due to this drawing, I understood better about the character Liberty- 5000.

  5. I really liked your post to begin with. I thought it was really creative the image you choose and your reasoning to why you choose and created this image for your post. The image I could see it was you how made it and it really well made. Another interesting thing I found in your post was that instead of only using the name equality like most people you used equality 7-2521. Now one thing I would work on your post is focus less on summarizing the book and more on answering your question.