Sunday, August 24, 2014

Anthem Read Lucas L Connection Captain

My first connection is with the Giver. This book and the giver have many different connections. The first one being that the way the people arrange themselves. They both try to be dystopian, and they both believe what everyone believes. In the giver, out of the city is unknown to them and in Anthem, everyone believes that the world is flat. Another connection is that the elder's go to "daycares" in both books. In Anthem (after forty years old) they are called useless men and are put into a place called the Home of the Useless, and they are soon to die. If they live (rarely) till forty-five, they are called the Ancient Ones. In the Giver, the Elders are put into a home and are released, meaning they get killed.
Picture made by me

My second connection is to the Uglies. The Uglies is a book that a girl and her friend go to the unknown, and their teachers had told them that there was nothing beyond their little bubble place, just like in Anthem. The people there no nothing. The world is not flat, but in there world it is. In the Uglies, they find ancient ruins in there pathway to the unknown. In Anthem they were called the Unmentionable Times, and there was a great tunnel built by men in the past and it is called the Unmentionable Times because most of the things were forgotten. In the Uglies, its the same thing. People have forgotten about the ruins and what great things the past holds. Only the people who question there identity and location find out about these ruins. These are the connections to Anthem and the Uglies

(picture made by me)


  1. I could also make a connection between Anthem and The Giver. I hadn't thought about how the places outside where they live are unknown, but I noticed all the other elements. I really liked how you edited the pictures of both books. However, you said they try to be dystopian, but to me they try to be a utopia. I hadn't thought about the connection with The Uglies, but I agree with your examples. I also made a connection with Divergent, because the Erudite faction try to make their community a utopia, and also because in Anthem people are very selfless, just like the Abnegation faction.

  2. Wow Lucas what an amazing post! Having read all these books I can fully agree with everything you have said. All of these books revolve around the theme of a perfect community. And all of them are about the past. These communities are based on preventing history from happening again even if it meant taking away peoples rights and wiping memories and keeping the past a secret. This is to teach a moral to young readers. Every book that we have read in 7th grade and 8th grade is based on this theme.

  3. Lucas,
    Great post and images! Everyone seems to be connecting this book to the Giver. I can't do anything but agree since both the books have a communist sense of everyone is equal and both trie to make a perfect world to live in. Something I noticed, however, is that in Anthem people seem to have a sense of religion. Explanation? They can only speak as We which seems a little bit of belief not facts or science. Also, they say that the narrator is cursed. Cursed? Like really? This makes no sense, but also they say that if you are past six feet you are unlucky or evil.
    Hope this helped,

  4. Hi Lucas. First of all, I totally agree that the book Anthem is connected in many different ways with the book The Giver and Uglies. The three books has a community which they believe what other people believe and that was why I found them interesting. I have the same opinion with you however, I disagree with the part when you claimed that they try to be a dystopian community. I personally think that they became a dystopian community in our view, by trying to be a utopian community. Also, I am amazed by the picture you posted. I never thought of doing that and thus, it is very creative. I believe that everyone thinks that the book Anthem is very similar with the book Giver and Uglies. Overall, I want to compliment you for your creative pictures and well organized text which helped me see the connections between the three books.

  5. Great job Lucas, I think this is a really good post and second I like how you compared both of your examples to other books, and as you have explained your comparison these books sound a lot like the same topic, but in different themes. I also like your image that you created, it is very creative and it supports your paragraphs nicely. Over all you have a done a great post, and keep it up.

  6. Great work Lucas, I really liked your post specially the image you choose. I could really see how the images you choose connect with you post. One thing I noticed in your post and several other peoples is that you and they connect this story with the giver. Your post was very creative and they may you managed the words where awesome. Rapping it all up I really liked your post and keep up the good work.