Sunday, August 31, 2014

Illustrious Artist: Part 3,4 : Cian Miron

This is an image of my interpretation of  Equality 7-2521's cave in which he works. As you can see the majority of the image is black I chose this because  Equality 7-2521 lights up the cave one candle that he stole. Creating a minimal amount of light and making the majority of the cave dark. In a addition to that I wanted to achieve a sense of solitude that is showcased during cave scenes in the book. I choose to make the work tools small and in the corner because again I wanted to showcase the solitude and loneliness of the cave. I also chose not to place Equality 7-2521 in my image because at this moment he has distinguished anything about his physical appearance therefore making anything I drew a guess. I also chose not to place Equality 7-2521 in my image because I wanted you to feel the solitude that Equality 7-2521 feels in the cave. You can also see the jar of brine which was spoken about in part three as well as a few copper wires. I choose to add these elements because I felt these thing are spoken about a lot while in the cave. Do you agree with my interpretation of Equality 7-2521's cave? If not what should I add to more accurately showcase Equality 7-2521's cave?


  1. Cian, I really liked the way you took your ideas and visualizations of the books and made it into a picture, it is VERY similar to something I was thinking of. I also really liked the fact that you incorporated other themes and feelings from the begining of the book and try and put it into one summative image.Not to mention that I really do appreciate the details and even had to zoom in to see all of them. But I would like to challenge you. What would you feel if you realized that everyone around was completely oblivious to the world?
    Thanks for pushing my thinking

  2. Cian,
    I agree with your drawing, as in the tunnel it is very dark and scary. I also like it that you have made it kind of a little abstract. I just think by now, Equality 7-2521 would have decorated the tunnel with more stuff, like for example graphs and drawings of his discoveries. Also, One thing you would add is the metal track because in the book, it is clearly stated that there were tracks all along the tunnel. Great picture!

  3. Marina I completely disagree with you suggestion due to the fact that he has not talked about decorating his tunnel with charts or anything in anyway. I would like my image to as close as possible to the real thing and by adding decretive items it would become a guess. However, I do agree that there is a track in tunnel and I could have added it. I choose not to becuase one candle would not show everything in the cave and as the book states he uses one candle to minimize the amount of times he has to steal candles. So very simply it is too dark to see the tracks.

    As for Jonathan, your question, "what would you feel if you realized that everyone around was completely oblivious to the world?" I would feel an immense amount of solitude and loneliness becuase no one would understand my situation. This would be my general feeling what about you Jonathan and Marina? I also would like to ask why you think our main character was not chosen to become a scholar and invent things when it is clear that he has the skills to do very well as a scholar?