Sunday, August 31, 2014

Connection Captain Week 2#

Post by Heitor

Connection 1#

The first connection I had with Anthem was definitely communism. Everyone is forced to be literally equal to the point no one has real names anymore. Everyone is the same and like communism it sounds great but it really isn't. Think about it, if you are a kind person you want everyone to be equal, but you are also forgetting that you are going to lose all your privileges. For example, let's say you have a sport car. The government take that from you so that everyone is equal. That is the flaw of communism. All you have worked for, taken by the government.

Connection 2#

                                                                                The next connection I had was with Uglies. This book was probably based on Anthem because Anthem came first practically creating the dystopian genre, but something I noticed in both books is the separation. In Anthem people are separated by gender while in Uglies people are separated by age. So it may not be that communist after all. If everyone was truly equal in Anthem, then they wouldn't separate people by gender. The book Uglies isn't communist but another way they are similar is what the people know. People only know inside their bubble and they only know the present not the past. That is the same as Anthem. Everyone only know inside their community and they only know the current time period.


  1. Heitor, after reading your post, I agreed with you in your connections, but I would also like to add somethings. You said, Anthem, was a communist book, right, but I think you should give an example directly from the book so that, even though some people may have read this book, they would have a more clear understanding about what you are trying to express.
    About your second connection, I thought that you could relate something from the Uglies to Anthem, or vice versa. If you were to write this post again I think you should include a real connection, not just a connection to the book, but a connection to something that happened in the book.
    Great post, after all.

    1. Giulia,
      Thank you for the feedback. I think one of the reasons this book was made for humanities is because there is no actual physical connection besides the clear obvious. The connection I made was deeper than the obvious so it takes some actual though.
      Hope this helped clear things,