Sunday, May 17, 2015

Literary analysis

Antonio Fernandes


8 grade

                                     The I

Anthem is one of the many books written by Ayn Rand, that demonstrates a world in which the government has absolute power.  It shows a world that does`t exist the word I, and freedom is unreachable. A world in which controlling your self is almost impossible. This book has no clear time on when it is taking place, but we can predict it is in the future. This books demonstrates an ideology of collectivism. This means that the governors are bordering it`s people by forcing them to serve the state. The protagonist Equality 7-2521 talks about how he suffered and what was his ideology in that time. In the book, we can clearly see that Equality 7-2521 changed his view.


In Chapter eleven it says," What must I say beside?"  This is the beginning of  Equality 7-2521 changing himself. He finally discovered the most powerful word in which it is so little to be seen. He found the word I. He knew that what he always did was to benefit himself, he found out that he was the only one that loved the Golden one, he found out, that only him found out about electricity, a power in which was used in the ancient times. Equality knew that the governments were making the people have no feelings, that the governments made man forget about the word I, in which defines who you are and what you did.  Equality changed his view. He started to see the world bigger. He learned that  

every act that he did was selfish. He saw that the majority of his acts only affected himself. He also saw that the ancient people, fighter to keep that word, and that now he has to start to develop that ancient world again, and show the others the power of the word I. This pictures is to represent the power of I and to represent a bigger world.


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  1. Antonio, I really like your post about "the I." But again I think you could put the question for the reader to know what question you were answering. I totally agree with your post about Equality finding the word I because he was the only one who found out electricity, he was the only one who loved the Golden One, and that he started to develop the ancient world. But I think you could have added more information of how he developed the ancient world, how he found electricity and more information about him finding himself more. Also instead of adding information about the book, I think you could add more information about Equality. But anyways great post.