Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blog Post #2 - Illustrious Artist - Guilherme Tobinaga B.Z. de Oliveira

Guilherme T.B.Z.O.

Illustrious Artist

Parts 3 & 4

Anthem by Ayn Rand

Resultado de imagem para to discover

This picture represents the mind of Equality 7-2521. It represents the fact that he thinks diferently from everyone else and as a result ends up descovering incledible things to his society. During this part of the book Equality 7-2521 states that even the most clever and knowledgeful people in his society (the scholars) do not know everything. He says that because he is descovering things for himself and crafting things that no one knows exists. Inside Equality 7-2521's head he knows that he is doing the wrong thing according to the laws, however, his urge to discover the unknow from the past is stronger. He has only two people he trusts his secret to. Union 5-3992, that has a mental illness so he doesnt have to worry about him turning him in. And International 4-8818 has given all of his loyalty to Equality 7-2521.

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