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Word  Whisper

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                                                            What you can't See

         This book written by Ayn Rand is an astonish book, in which entreaty the reader to read it carefully and understand what was happening. Athem is a book in a period of time where a political philosophy takes control of every human except the ones that have power by holding a person and make them only serve the state. In the beginning of the book I noticed that every name has Equality in the beginning (for example Equality 7-2521.) That is because the book is most about equality and how they treated each other. Also this book can be confusion not only for the replacement of I to we but also because of the literary analysis.

Hyperbole: “Oh! We were born with a curse!“

This sentence is told by Equality 7-2521 when he is talking to himself thinking of how it is unsuitable to be different from the others, how he is to curious, making him excited to explore the forbidden lands. A hyperbole is used to make an exaggeration making reader have a better feeling of how something is. This hyperbole effects lot in the book because it shows how equality 7-2521 was to curious and how he would go to dangerous places. This image was chosen to represent movement.

Simile: “Their body was straight and thin as the blade of iron […] Their hair was as golden as the sun”
This part is when Equality 7-2521 saw the most beautiful girl he every saw for the first time, and how he is describing her on his mind. A simile is used to compare an object with another object. This is a very important part to the book for it shows his love for this girl and how he loves her. This photo below represents the golden one.

Foreshadowing: They understood our thought, for they lowered their eyes for the first time. "Seventeen," they whispered. And we sighed, as if a burden had been taken from us, for we had been thinking without reason of the Palace of Mating. And we thought that we would not let the Golden One be sent to the Palace. 

This part is foreshadowing, because it shows how the golden one probably will get chosen for the palace of mating, and how Equality 7-2521 will probably try to stop that for happening. A foreshadowing is when a sentence says something that will probably happen in the future. This sentences give a lot for the book, it shows how he will try to "save her" and how he will do anything or her.

Imagery: "The walls are cracked and water runs upon them in thin threads without sound, black and glistening blood."

This sentence describes the tunnel that equality 7-2521 discovered. An imagery is used to give the reader a better clarification on what is happening.  This part is a very important part in the book. It demonstrates the place that equality 7-2521 found, and how his discovery might appear in the whole book.

Metaphor: "The Earth was a beggar under their feet"

A metaphor is when you compare something without using the words like or as. A metaphor helps a reader get a better vision on what is happening. This is a very important sentence to the book.  It show he felt when he saw a women for the first time. In this part, Equality 7-2521 saw the beautiful one for the first time planting and this sentence was shown became the beautiful one was planting.

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  1. Great job Antonio! I really agree with the metaphor " The Earth was a beggar under their feet." because it is a metaphor which Equality 7-2521 has said while seeing the beautiful one but I think you can add more information into the book. Like in the imagery "The walls are cracked and water runs upon them in thin threads without sound, black and glistening blood." you could have gotten more information from the book and describe more about what was happening before. But otherwise I think it is a great post.