Sunday, March 22, 2015

Historical Context- Ha Marron

Habibeh Marron
Historical Context
By Ayn Rand
Historical Context

The Pursuit of a Perfect Socio-Economic System

Ayn Rand 
These novel is clearly influenced by historical events, cultural issues challenged the author to wrote what now inspires us. Our author, Ayn Rand, was born in 1905 in Saint Petersburg Russia. During her childhood Russia was going through one of the most tumultuous times of its history. When she was 12 the Communist Era started and Rand´s family fell into extreme poverty along with the whole country (About Ayn Rand). When Rand published Anthem in 1946 it was a political manifesto against the ideas of Communism that took place in Russia. Ayn Rand is against any type of communism that reprises human identity. She believes that everyone should have their own rights and freedom. In fact she is against any kind of dystopian ideology and thinks that the perfect socio-economic system is still unknown (About Ayn Rand).

Conformity and nonconformity is present in the novel by the sense of being or not part of an specific society with its specific laws. In this literary piece the main character, Equality 7-2521, feels in opposition with the extremist communist society he was living in. In the climax part of this text, the protagonist found out that the main meaning of life is ourselves and there is nothing more important than ego. As exemplified above the society represented in this novel is one more example of the inconformity of a people against its own, extremist or not, kind of government.

Communist Society Metaphor
“I am often asked whether I am primarily a novelist or a philosopher. The answer is: both. In a certain sense, every novelist is a philosopher, because one cannot present a picture of human existence without a philosophical framework. . . . In order to define, explain and present my concept of man, I had to become a philosopher in the specific meaning of the term“

— Ayn Rand


  1. I loved you post Habibeh
    Though my ideas about the books nonconformity are different they can still work with the story in the same way. I thought that the book was trying to show humanity that nothing can be perfect nothing we have can be perfect, and that all we can do is try to stay safe. Many times we try to make our lives easier by making things that carry us or do things for us, and we don't realize how it will effect our lives. Given that cars have saved and killed many people it still is hurting our atmosphere.

  2. Not only did the area around her get into poverty, but her family as well was affected, because her father's business was taken away, and therefore it really gave Ayn a negative impact on what communism was like, and this particular occasion is what caused her to end up writing the novel.