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Question Commander - Jorge Ribeiro

Jorge Ribeiro

Question Commander


By Ayn Rand

Part 3 and 4

Question 1. What exactly is this Dark Age mentioned in the book?

In the book, there is a mentioned "Dark Age" which apparently the plot is when they emerge from it. What I think that this dark age is, is that it was maybe something to do with the government, for example, the government applying a law in witch the citizens don't like, and so to resolve this conflict of citizens rebelling against the government, they just removed people's individuality, so that there would be no more conflict and therefore equality is what would make the government in power and at the same time the people would not question its rules, because after all everybody is equal, with equal thoughts, and their thought is to obey their leaders with no conflict whatsoever.

Question 2. Is the system perfect?

In the story, I am surprised how this is the plan of action, taking away peoples individualities, because of so many methods that can work efficiently, by getting people in line using guards, but the strategy that is used to get out of the current dark age is to remove individuality, but for them this system is perfect, because people cant think for themselves, so they are soldiers of your own army, because once individuality is removed, you stop being yourself. Also this system must have some flaws, because maybe one brave soul comes and influences others, and therefore the riot continues, but apart from that the system seems that it is very sustainable.

Question 3. What is the serial number on the citizens name

The book didn't clearly state what the numbers were for, or what good they did, because for me, this number is the only thing that differences you from others, it is like there are many people called Equality, but you are this certain number and the other Equality is another certain number, it is kind of like their id. Also it can be the number of the citizen that was born, for example citizen number 7-2521. Another theory, is that this number could be the date of their birth, on the example 7-2521, it could be the 25th of July of 2021. This serial number has not been mentioned yet, but finding out what this number means, it would help a lot in the understandment of the story.

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  1. Q1

    I agree with you Jorge - I also feel that the government took individuality because it would end conflict and eliminating anyone who disobeyed. Though i also believe that they did this so that people would be slowed down by one another because they all focused on one thing the other person i am not saying that is bad i am just saying that this would make the more susceptible to conflict because maybe someone does not want to follow their brothers.


    Although the system could be sustainable it is also very easy to break because people like equality 2521 want to progress in technology that is why he kept the tunnel a secret. Things like that can break the system because I also believe that they made the system like that so that people would not be able to progress individually in technology so that people would not want to best that invention.


    I believe the council made this so that people would not believe that they are better than their brothers because of their names. This keeps people from calling people by a unique name.