Sunday, February 8, 2015

Omar, One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich Post #1 Illustrator

I chose this image to express the nights of the soviet labor camp, as stated in chapter two, "Shukhov notices how quiet everything is. There are not even any mice scratching, since the camp cat has caught them all." This shows how the camp can be very depressing and scary, This image shows the loneliness of silence, and how Shukhov must have been very lonely in this camp, also this image shows how the silence can bring disgrace, as you can see in the image it is a very lonely place, covered by snow, the snow may symbolize the coldness of silence and loneliness, also the background color of this image is gray, which sinalizes sadness and an overflow of loneliness, Also a quote of the book shows hoe Shukhov is desperate for rest of his tiring life, "Shukhov dreams of two or three weeks in which he could simply sleep." This shows how the camp is affecting Shukhov in a way that it is even affecting his sleep. Also he knows that the new doctor in camp Stepan Gregorch will not let him have the rest he needs because he thinks that hard work heals everything, in my opinion a huge nonsence.

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