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Word Whisperer - Alejandro A.

Rotation #4
Anthem, parts 7-8
Word Whisperer

(I can't site the exact pages as I'm on the digital version of the book.)

       "We are old now, yet we were young this morning ..."(Beginning of part 7.)

This phrase is a mix of stylistic devices, with parts of foreshadowing, flashback, and metaphor, as it puts the realization Equality has into words. He matures in a matter of minutes after escaping from the city, as he comes to notice that all of his life was spent wasted in a community were innovation is shunned and despised. This sentence puts into perspective the growth that Equality has undergone, from a blind child reaching for any helping hand to relying solely on the drive and willpower of your body. It helps you come to a prediction of how his life will be from then on, and for once see the true thoughts behind the community/government he's forced into.

       "Only the glass box in our arms is like a living heart that gives us strength." (Towards end of part 7.)

The simile, helping us connect and tie together subjects, to give more character to an action. This phrase connects greatly with the common sentence "Knowledge is power," as at this point in time, it gives a tremendous sense of power and accomplishment to Equality. Knowing he was able to rise above his fellow brothers, rediscovering a great invention by his own power through a community that is all about "we" and not "I," most certainly will raise your self-worth (how important you think you are) and cause you to reconsider several things about the government. Now you have been rejected, from the same community you merely wanted to improve, but you still know you are great, and that evidence rests in your creation, and so you have the strength to go on.

       "Our arms stretched out of their own will ..." (Beginning of part 8.)

Coming into place as personification, this small fragment of writing expresses - and continues to in the following sentences - the first moments Equality gets to perform acts that are not scheduled under tight supervision. It symbolizes the freedom he feels, the refreshment of realizing that he now has all the time in the world, and dictates his own future, to glory or doom, whichever he works (or not) towards. Much more effective than simply having the character say his emotions aloud, giving impulses and choices to body parts help give a much clearer and effective representation, as we take several body motions while talking to express ourselves better.

       "And suddenly, for the first time this day, we remembered that we are the Damned. We remembered it, and we laughed." (End of part 8)

Containing parts of foreshadowing and imagery, you are suddenly reminded of Equality's dark (according to the community) with the escape and banishment, which later on makes you think why the author could have decided to place and assemble these words in this paragraph. It further separates Equality from the community, reinstating the fact that he is no longer one conform with their standards and alone in the world. This could just serve the purpose of causing a sense of loneliness, or could serve as foreshadowing of encounters with people from his community, such as the Scholars or simply friends.

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