Sunday, November 9, 2014

Literary Analysis Question

Ayn Rand
Chapters 7 & 8

Question: Describe a choice made by a character in the novel.  Why did the character make this choice?  Was his or her action justified?

      Decision, a resolution or conclusion reached after consideration. That defines the opposite of what Equality 7-2521 experienced. He reached the resolution to show the new source of light to the Council of Scholars thinking that his gift would be greater than his transgression without thinking about all of the negative possibilities. Now, he has to go to the World Council of Scholars where they can decide his fate. He could be whipped until there is nothing left, burned on the stake, or worse. He didn't consider the outcomes, which caused him to live out the rest of his days in the Uncharted Forest, where the only company he has is the nature around him and his lonesome.
      Equality 7-2521 has never in his life had to make an important choice that would affect his whole life afterwards. However, on page 42, he decided the light he had found to the Council of Scholars. He figured that he would be reassigned to become one of them because of all the knowledge he had gained alone in the recent months. In spite of the, the words alone is the reason he was not reassigned. He found a large amount of new discoveries, but he did not have any help from his brothers. The Council of Scholars has to work together to discover new things, and they did not think that his qualities would allow him to be one of them.
      To start off with, Equality 7-2521 made his decision for one main reason. On page 42, he thinks, "We can light our tunnel, and the City, and all the Cities of the world with nothing save metal and wires." In addition, this light is brighter and cleaner than anyone has ever known. People would be able to work longer than before. Also, if he provides so many people with a long lasting light, then he will most likely become part of the World Council of Scholars. Equality 7-2521 wanted to be able to help his brothers.
      Even though Equality 7-2521's decision was unsmart, he had a good reason for it. As a kid, he was always more clever than any of his classmates, and learned subjects before his teacher finished explaining them. On assignment day he was hoping to be assigned as part of the Council of Scholars, but he was considered evil for being superior to his brothers. Therefore, he became a Street Sweeper. On page 51, Equality 7-2521 said to the Council, "We give you the key to the earth! Take it, and let us be one of you, the humblest among you. Let us work together, and harness this power, and make it ease the toil of men." He truly wanted to be part of the Council to discover new things, and help his community. He had reasons for his actions. Sometimes, people can do crazy things to get what they want.
      We all make non-intelligent choices. However, if we think deeply about all of the possible outcomes, then it should end up better for us. Equality 7-2521 could have thought more profoundly about his decision, which means not show the Council of Scholars. Moreover, he could have continued living his simple life, and have a couple hours creating new inventions in his tunnel every night.

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