Saturday, October 11, 2014

Line Illuminator - Lexi Farnes

Anthem by Ayn Rand
Part 1 & 2
Line Illuminator
Lexi Fanes

         "WE ARE ONE IN ALL AND ALL IN ONE.  THERE ARE NO MEN BUT ONLY THE GREAT  _WE_, ONE, INDIVISIBLE AND FOREVER"  (Rand 2).  This line to me tells what the book is based about.  The people in the book live to this saying.  When ever they are tempted they repeat it to themselves.  I choose this line because I thought that since it was in all caps, and the people seem to live by it that it was very important.  And without that line, I would be confused about what the point of their community was.  The picture below to me symbolizes the quote, because it represents that all the people together are holding hands like they are united.  Such as in the book they are united, they are 'one in all, and all in one.'  

          "It is not good to be different from our brothers, but it is evil to be superior to them"  (Rand 4). This line to me is trying to get the point that they can't be different from each other, and that in no possibility one cannot be better or higher ranked than the other.  The teachers would use this line, to tell to the students that thought what they were learning was to easy.  I bet you are wondering why the teachers would tell the students this.  They told the students this because it was a great sin, "To be born with a head which is too quick" (Rand 4).  The students would try to fight against the curse, but it wouldn't work.  Equality 7-2521, was one of the students that thought what they were learning was easy.  So because of that, he wasn't happy in the years that he was at the Home of the Students.


  1. Dear Lexi,
    I really liked you post! I thought that both of the lines that you chose were very important for the book and for the reader to be able to understand better what this dystopian society is like. I think that the second line clearly connects to why the people in this society say we, instead of I. I think that this society thinks individuality is something bad and should not exist, and that essentially everyone should be the same. Do you agree?
    Lucas T.

  2. Lexi,

    I realy liked your post. I agree with you about the quote they live by. They seem to be a very proper community with many rules and no freedom. All they care about is each other, which is good, but when you don't think of yourself too, it gets to the point its not. This reminds me of a book we read last year called The Giver. You probably heard of it, specially since they released the movie, but they are very similar. They are both dystopian novels with *trying too be* a perfect society. He specialy reminds me of one of the main charecter in The Giver, Jonas. They are oth curious and I bet Equality 7-2521 will do something markable in the society. Moving on to your second quote, I think this quote is actually significant not only in the book. This reminds me of quotes so many people value. Like "treat others the way you want to be treated" or even something cheesy like "YOLO". But it is much reasonable then the first one.
    In conclusion, you post was great and I agree with you.
    Daphne :)