Saturday, October 25, 2014

Flor Uhart Connection Captain

Parts 5 & 6
Anthem by Ayn Rand

Ever since part 3 in the book, I felt a connection between Anthem and City of Ember. As I read part 5 & 6 I could connect even more. In Anthem, Equality makes a light bulb, and he makes sure he hides it with his life so no one finds it yet. Later on, Equality wants to show people his invention, mostly the World Council.

                                                This is the book cover to City of Ember, the cover
                                                already gives a hint on how the city is like, just light bulbs. Source

Just like in the City of Ember books, Lina and Doon (the main characters) find a way out of their city. After a lot of hard work, they find something no one ever knew existed, just like Equality did. What I thought was funny was that City of Ember was all dark, only illuminated by lights everywhere. They never saw sunlight. Though what happens in Anthem is different, Equality is the one to make a light bulb.

This is what Equality has made, found out, this is what he wants
to show to the World Council (It is also what Lina and Doon's city
was filled with) Source

                                This field is what Lina and Doon discovered. They had never seen something like this before. Ever. Source

Moving on, both Equality in Anthem and Lina and Doon in City of Ember, want to show people what they’ve found. They want to help people or themselves. At first, in both books, neither knew what to do with what they found out, though in both books, they resolved to do the same thing. Share what they have found. And that is what I predict Equality will do. Since he already planned on it, I hope he goes through with it.  

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