Sunday, October 12, 2014

Connection Captain - Daphne M

After reading section 1&2 of the novel Anthem by Ayn Rand I had many questions in my mind, but mostly connections. The first thing I most connected too were other books. The book seems to be a dystopian novel, and will further on show more of that. This reminds me of other dystopian novels such as, city of ember, uglies, divergent, the hunger games, etc. But, the one I most connected with was the Giver. It appers to be both societies are controled and don't seem to have freedom what so ever. The main charecter, who seems to be Equality 7-2521, reminds me of Jonas in The Giver. This is because they both are curious and intelligent. They both want to seek the truth. I have a feeling that Equality 7-2521 will try to find things he isn't supposed too, and will get in trouble like Jonas did. Additionally, as the book states in part 1, they don't know nothing about history or anything from the past. They call it the "Unmentionable Times". Equality 7-2521 is an individual. He is not like the others. His teacher got mad because he was too smart, and he even tried to be like Union 5-3992 a stupid boy in his class.



In part 2 of the book Anthem, we see more about Equality 7-2521. We see that he falls in love with a girl named Liberty 5-300 or The Golden One. They fall in love with each other and talk for the first time. This reminds me again of The Giver. When Jonas falls in love with Fiona and starts having dreams with her. I predict, Equality 7-2521 will eventually learn more since he is so smart, and will pass his knowledge to the Golden One. But, I think she will betray him since in this community, it is wrong to keep secrets of things you should not know. On the other hand, something I do not understand is why the community thinks the ones who lived in the unmentionable times, are evil. Is it because maybe they think they destroyed those times? I dont know.

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  1. Daphne, nice post!

    I really liked the connection you made with "Anthem" to "The Giver". Both stories truly have details, settings, periods of time and character personalities in which are very similar, I wonder if perhaps one of the authors of these novels was inspired by one of the books. Like for example if "Anthem" was inspired by "The Giver " or vice versa.

    As for your second connection, I'm not sure if I agree completely, because I don't particularly believe in something we call "Love at first sight" and so I highly doubt that Equality 7 -2521 fell in love with Liberty 5 -3000. On the contrary, I think that since men weren't allowed to think about women, his first encounter with them was memorable and he was awestruck by what he saw.

  2. Daphne,

    Great connection! While I was reading your post, I noticed that all of your connections related to certain books with similar characteristics. For example, both Uglies and Anthem seem to be with a dystopian setting or as many people think. It really depends on each person and their way of living. In my opinion, this book is dystopian and I also made the connection with Divergent. This book is alike with Divergent because it has groups in which people are labeled. For instance, Abnegation, the selfless, and Union 5-3992 were referred to as the half brain. Therefore, this makes me think that all of these books put a label to society.

  3. Daphne, I agree with both of your connections. For the first one I do agree that both of the societies are controlled, and that they don't have very much freedom. Equality 7-2521 and Jonas are both intelligent and curious, so they relate in that way. I wonder also if Equality 7-2521 will do something he isn't supposed to. I bet he will do that or something close to it eventually happen in the book.
    Both Jonas and Equality 7-2521 love lives do seem very similar to me. They both think about the girl a lot. I also agree with you that, sooner or later Liberty 5-330 will betray Equality 7-2521.
    Nice post!

  4. Dear Daphne,

    I really like your post! It is really well detailed and the images you chose for each connection match.
    While reading the first two parts of the book, I thought about you first connection, too. I find both books very similar to each other. They are both built on the relationship between two different societies. They are both based on being different, and how it affects you. Don't you think that it places a bad look over society nowadays? Because there is a vision that multi media or books have placed on the people of this world. For example, 50 Shades of Grey. A extremely detailed book which made women form all around the world fear men.