Sunday, September 7, 2014

Illustrious Artist ~ Gabi R

Part 5 - "A box of glass, devised to give forth the power of the sky of greater strength than we had ever achieved before. And when we put our wires to this box, when we closed the current—the wire glowed! It came to life, it turned red, and a circle of light lay on the stone before us....

We stretched our hands to the wire, and we saw our fingers in the red glow. We could not see our body nor feel it, and in that moment nothing existed save our two hands over a wire glowing in a black abyss."

I chose to draw the box with the glowing red wires because that is the mayor thing that happened in both, part 5 & part 6. The box with the glowing red wires was the cause to many different thoughts and consequences. Such as Equality 7-2521 being sent to the Palace of Corrective Detention.

In addition, I chose to create a image representing the box with wires because it is the most important thing to Equality 7-2521. This is proven in part 6, where they state, "then we smiled, for we thought of the light and that we had not betrayed it." Equality 7-2521 had preferred to have his clothes tore from their body, being thrown down upon their knees, having their hands tied to the iron post, and feeling pain instead of telling the judges about the light. This is due to the fact he believed the light was "the greatest gift ever offered to men."

Do you think Equality 7-2521's plans will work?
(HIS PLAN: "Tomorrow, in the full light of day, we shall take our box, and leave our tunnel open, and walk through the streets to the Home of the Scholars. We shall put before them the greatest gift ever offered to men. We shall tell them the truth. We shall hand to them, as our confession, these pages we have written. We shall join our hands to theirs, and we shall work together, with the power of the sky, for the glory of mankind. Our blessing upon you, our brothers! Tomorrow, you will take us back into your fold and we shall be an outcast no longer. Tomorrow we shall be one of you again. Tomorrow...")


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  1. Gabi, your image shows the scene very well, so good job. You chose the scene to visualize very well, because I agree that this box and wires are the most significant objects in the parts we read for this week. Also, I agree that this discovery is the most important thing to Equality 7-2521. However, what I am not sure about your image is that is the box and hand supposed to be separated? Isn't the hand supposed to hold the box? Lastly, I don't think Equality 7-2521's plan will work, because no matter how great his discovery was, it is a great transgression to work individually and discover something that even the Council of Scholars don't know. In Part 6, it is stated: "There is no reason to have guards, for men have never defied the Councils so far as to escape from whatever place they were ordered to be." This shows that no men have acted against law before, however Equality 7-2521 has, which means the Council of Scholars will not look at him as a great inventor or a new member of the Scholars, but a transgressor. (Part 6)