Sunday, September 28, 2014

Anthem Part 9-10

Andrew Fischer
Illustrious Artist

Sentence from the book:
     It was on our second day in the forest that we heard steps behind us. We hid in the bushes, and we waited. The steps came closer. And then we saw the fold of a white tunic among the trees, and a gleam of gold.


     This illustration represent when Equality 7-2521 was staying in the forest for a few days, and then on there second day in the forest, they suddenly herd footsteps coming from a direction they could not tell. So they hid in the bushes, and then a man in a white tunic came across their eyes. And that person in the white tunic was, the Golden One. Yet, Equality 7-2521 wasn't sure if they were happy, because in the book they seemed very frightened.
     As they talked Equality 7-2521 kept asking the Golden One questions. Also, Equality 7-2521 had noticed the Golden One had cuts and scrapes all over himself, but he has not noticed, because he was intrigued he found Equality 7-2521.

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