Sunday, September 28, 2014

Anthem -- Connection Captain -- 7/8 -- Julia Jacob

The book Anthem, by Ayn Rand clearly shows that this dystopian novel can connect with several world issues such as the war between Russia and Ukraine. Speaking for the Ukrainian government, what seems to be the problem is how the Russian government is taking Ukraine's voice away, by this I mean that Russia is speaking for Ukrainians living in Crimea where there are those who are not in favor, and therefore Russia cannot affirm that all the Ukrainian people will find or want to find a "safe haven" in that country. Russia has to take care of their own problems, rather they are social, economic, or political before attempting to offer Ukraine or Crimea protection because if help was needed the government would have asked, specially if this decision could cause war. 

The Connection between this event and the fact in which no one that is part of the society given in the book has their own voice, or has no option to choose for them relates to the current event. The same way that all individuals are only allowed to speak for all men and are taken away their rights, that is what is happening between Russia and the Ukrainian government. The rights of the people are being taken away. 


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