Sunday, August 24, 2014

Risk Taking Researcher Part 1-2 (Katie)

     One of the main themes in the book Anthem centers around socialism. Socialism is an economic and political system that centers around public ownership. Under socialism the resources of the world are owned and shared by the entire globe. This means that everybody would have free access to all the resources that we have. In socialism there would be no money. Instead everybody everyone would just receive their fair share of what had been produced. Additionally, all work would essentially be volunteer work because you would not be paid for it except in the satisfaction of helping your fellow citizens.

      I think that the theme of socialism is evident in the book because nobody can refer to themselves as an individual. In fact the word I does not even seem to exist in the book. Everything seems to be for the good of the community as a whole not for any particular person. Furthermore, everybody has access to the same resources unless they need a different resource to do their job. I think that both of these traits strongly resemble socialism.



  1. Hi Katie! I think you understood the theme of this book very well. I also think that this book is based on socialism, because like you said, the word "I" or "my" does not exist, but also because they call others "our brothers" or "our sisters", even though they are not their family. Also, the jobs are to benefit everyone in the society, like Street Sweepers that make the country clean or Cook that makes food for everyone, unlike office workers that work for the company. One question I have about your research is are there any leaders that lead this kind of society?

  2. I think your right socialism does take a big part it this book. Also I think that your right about never saying I in the book. It's true because if everybody gets the same things than there nothing unique about how you are different than others. Most of all I think your post was very thought out and you explained what you thought was important which you think is socialism.

  3. Katie,
    Your first paragraph is the one that got me thinking I agree that it is social and political but... I don't think I agree with the "There would be no money". As the money could be different from what most places have today money is really something that you would switch out for something else. I do understand where you're coming from I loved reading and commenting on your post Katie.
    It really boosted my thinking- Julianna(Juli)

  4. I agree with you that one of the themes is socialism. An example is no one says I, but we or our brothers. Everyone's jobs isn't for money, but for the benefit of the community. However, there are also other themes. Egoism... Otherwise known as individualism, egoism is the philosophy Equality 7-2521 discovers along with the word "I". What Equality 7-2521 needs to learn is that his society taught them to be alone is evil and to work for others is good, but actually they must work for themselves and take pride in themselves in order to achieve happiness.

  5. Hi Katie, your post is very neat and organized, with clear images.

    I agree with you, as you made me realize that the society they live in do not have a hierarchy. Since people don't seem to get paid for their job, no one has more money or importance than others. Therefore no economic hierarchy. This seems to be a much better society to live in than the one we live in today, where innumerous things are based in the amount of money you have. In other words, in the class you are in the economic hierarchy.

    Thank you,

  6. Katie,
    Although most people with this job commented the same thing, I believe that your post best described the main idea of socialism. Before reading your post I didn't have a clear understanding about what socialism was, but now I understand how socialism relates to Anthem. You stated all the points that I would think Anthem has of socialism. I agree with everything you wrote because frankly, thats what happens in the book.
    Nice post!