Sunday, August 24, 2014

Anthem, by Ayn Rand [Word Whisper]

Anthem, by Ayn Rand [Word Whisper] [Week 1]
by: Mathaus Silva

[Personification] 1. "The walls are cracked and water runs upon them in thin threads without sound, black and glistering as blood."pg. 3 [Chapter 1]

This quote is a personification because the author is giving a human-used verb to a wall. With this quote, the author wants to show how the water was like, which in this case, black and glistering as blood. Personification allows the author to write more descriptively about things. In general, to make the author understand more the book/situation.


[Simile] 2. "The sky is like a black sieve pierced by silver drops that tremble, ready to burst through." pg. 17 [Chapter 1]

This quote means that it was raining really hard. If you think properly, if you have a lot of water on top of a sieve, water oozes through the little holes as fast as they can. Everybody wants to pass through. An example are illegal immigrant. Everybody wants to pass through, as fast as possible, but it's a limited amount of space to pass each person. This simile was to give us a better idea on our heads.


[Simile] 3. "Women work in the fields, and their white tunics in the wind are like the wings of sea-gulls beating over the black soil." pg. 32 [Chapter 2]

The purpose of this quote was to compare how dirty was the women's white tunics, which in this case, was like the wings of a sea-gulls beating over the black soil. Again, the purpose of this sentence was to give the reader a clear idea on his head about how a women's white tunic might look after a day of work in the fields, how much work they put in on their work. 

[Metaphor] 4. "And the drops of water falling from their hands, as they raised the water to their lips, were like sparks of fire in the sun" pg. 36 [Chapter 2]

This quote shows how thirsty they were after working in the sun. This quote creates an illusion in our minds of making a bowl-shaped hand, and leading it to your mouth. Once again, this quote helps the reader understand and create an imagine in their minds of how it is to work under that sun. 


  1. Mathaus,
    What a great post! I seem to be thinking that our narrator has a style of writing things. For example he says something about a thing then he describes it's colour with a unofficial colour like silver, gold and blood. This makes me think how the narrator might think. Like a poet that can't write due to the community he lives in. Anyways hope this comment helped deepen your understanding,

  2. Mathaus,
    I really liked how you took your own knowledge and apply it to these sentences. Relating to Heitor's comment I agree that these sentences can give us an inside look on the life of the author and many other details such as what they enjoy,how they think. And persinal things like that. I also think tht while writing this book the author tried to out himself in a society wich bans the arts if you are not assigned the appropiate job.
    Awesome Post, Jonathan